Saturday, 25 August 2018

What is Euro Neurology 2019?

The International Conference on Neurology and Mental Disorders is a Global Event organized to promote exchange of knowledge and stimulating interaction among Professionals in the field of Neurology and Mental Health, encouraging younger and greater minds to unitedly work towards building awareness on the Global Mental Health and possible actions and treatment that can to undertaken to improve it.

Mental Health has now been the most pressing medical issue effecting millions around the globe. From work place to student institutions every individual struggling to rise in society have been inflicted with major or minor symptoms of mental illness. For those who are unaware of their mental health or those who are still hiding away their awareness of helplessness in this situation are welcomed to learn to combat their illness. For those who are unaware we ask you to indulge in this meet to be capable to extend a helping hand to those being suppressed by their mental health; and finally to all individuals who have researched, learned, explored and invented new ways to combat are called forth to participate and contribute their end to counter this global issue.

Target Audience:

  •        Directors
  •        Neurologists
  •        Neurosurgeons
  •        Psychiatrists
  •        Head of department
  •         Mental health Professionals
  •         Neuro-Therapists
  •         Psychologists
  •         Young Scholars and Researchers
  •         Professors from the field of Neurology and Neuroscience
  •         Young Scholars and Researchers 
  •         Associations and Societies indulged in mental science and neurology